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***Important Update: Fated Deals is no longer available for free download. It has been taken down for rewriting and republishing***

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Fated Deals

The Reaper Tomes Novella 1

Fated Deals

Drew is a senior reapers in the city of Philadelphia. She's been there since her creation, working her way up the ranks. As an Administrator, she over sees the hundreds of specialists in her department. Having seen it all, she becomes bored with her existence. Unfortunately, her apathy costs the price of a runaway soul when she encounters a demon who wants the same soul. This couldn't have happened at a worse time. Deaths' right hand, the Strategos, is coming to the city for a full inspection. Now Drew has to find the escaped soul, but an unexpected twist of fate is waiting for her.

Fated Deals follows the story of a reaper who is questioning their existence, and looking for more. Little does she know her decision will come back full circle four years later after A New Era has started.

Content and Trigger Warnings

Content Warning

Fated Deals is an Adult Urban Fantasy novella and part of the The Reaper Tomes. While this particular book does not have mature sexual content, the main series does. These characters continue into the The Reaper Tomes world and deal with mature adult matters and content. 

Trigger Warning

18+ years is strongly advised. 

Strong profanity and obscenity is used. 

Sexually suggestive language

Elements of gun violence, blood, and assault are found in this story. This story also contains elements of gore, demons, violence, and death

A New Era

The Reaper Tomes Book 1

“Your loyalties should always lie with death. "

Esme is a reaper in the city of Philadelphia, but she’s not just any reaper. She’s the Grim Reaper’s right hand—the Strategos. Her title gives her power and control over the reapers in every city she visits, something she doesn’t care for. What she does care for are the souls on everyone's lists. Even if she doesn’t collect or appear like the rest of the reapers, she’s content with doing things her own way until she realizes that something is amiss in the world of the dead and with her. Even with her ex trying to win her back, Esme must dive deeper into the world of reapers, demons, and witches. In this world, lies are buried deep. Some lies are big, some small—and both kinds can be just as deadly as the other. 

Along with a rag-tag group of allies, Esme will have to untangle the truth from the web of lies, deceit, seduction, and betrayal woven by others and herself—before it’s too late for everyone involved. All while struggling with her own inner demons…

(C) Marilu Moser

Content and Trigger Warnings

18+ Strongly suggested

This book does discuss death and subjects pertaining to death. There are scenes and elements that depict the following:

Call of the Coven

The Reaper Tomes Book 2

There has been  a delay in publication for this title and the release date is TBD. 

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The Gargoyles Gift

The factory reset to my life, was supposed to keep me safe. My new life could barely be called living. Hidden in the city of Seattle, working in occult book shop, couldn't be farther from who I was. Then one night, everything spiraled out of control in the meticulously curated world when I met him, my gargoyle. Who would have known finding him, would lead me back to the man I was hiding from?


Protecting witches and fighting vampires.

It's what I'm good at, it's my job. But I want my mate. Who would have known that one snowy night would bring her to me. Now that I found her, I'll never let her go. Especially not after finding out who she's running from.

Triggers, Content and Tropes

The Gargoyle's Cupid

What started out as a day of exchanging cards quickly turned into another memorable first holiday for us. Now my gargoyle and I are in Umbra, a club meant only for the supernatural on a mission to retrieve an object. Unfortunately for me, I've become the victim of mistaken identity.


My mate is my everything but I’ve been keeping something from her. I was afraid to lose her if I told her. Now by not telling her, she was taken from me. I will rip this entire world apart to find her and once she’s back in my arms I’m going to make sure I never lose her again.

Triggers, Content
Warnings & Tropes

Home Sweet Haunted Home

When Rhett and Adelina Beauregard a newly wed couple buy a dream home in Tampa FL they're ready to start the rest of their lives. Little do they know this house is already home to another being who isn't too keen on sharing. The demon Xalvon will do everything in his power to rid the home of these pesky humans. But in this economy? He's going to be their new roommate. Come hell or high water this trio is going to make this house, home sweet haunted home. 

Content Warnings and Triggers

Home Sweet Home is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents portrayed in it are a work of my over active imagination. This is an Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal story. 18+ years of age is strongly advised and encouraged. This story contains strong explicit language, sexually suggestive language and scenes. You're mental health and boundaries are important to me so please keep in mind while this story is continuously updating so will this section.

Home Sweet Haunted Home

is an episodic story on Kindle Vella. 

It is scheduled to be updated monthly. Be sure to follow the story for surprise updates.

****This story has been placed on hold for the time being but will resume shortly****