About the Author

Marilu Moser is the sensational scribe behind fiery female leads in fantasy, monster romance, and human romance stories. She hails from the land of chocolate, crayons, and American history, also known as Pennsylvania. Marilu is a proud mother and wife with a degree in Psychology, which is used not only to shape characters, but also illuminates her path towards nurturing the hearts of her cherished ones.

Her dad joke game is top-tier, and she's a tireless optimist who's powerless to resist root beer floats and pizza. Legends speak of her snort-laugh, a sound of pure delight. When she's not busy conjuring tales of enchanting characters and worlds, you can find her snuggled up with her furry companions, lost in the pages of a gripping novel, indulging in crime shows, or racing the orange roads of Hot Wheels with her children. And when the board games are brought forth, her fierce spirit leads her to triumph over her husband with a smile, every time.